BERGEN is a durable, practical, elegant-looking continental bed designed for maximum comfort.

BERGEN continental bed with a main mattress and mattress topper will ensure an ergonomic body position during sleep and will fit in any style of interior.
You can choose the bed fabric, headboard and leg type - this way you will have furniture tailored to your individual needs. In addition, the BERGEN continental bed can be in the following dimensions: 120x200 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200.
The height of the bed without legs is 58 cm.

Technical information
Technical information
The curved edge of the headboard, the decorative line gives subtlety and at the same time a playful mood. No unnecessary details - this is the design of this minimalist style headboard.
The width of the headboard is also available in all standard sizes. The recommended height of the headboard is 120 cm. If desired, the headboard can have additional removable headrests - cushions. It is attachable to the wall or to the bed, and the set includes also screwed-on legs if required.
The headboard C-BERGEN will give your home individuality, cosiness and some sophistication.
Top Mattresses
ASTA is a top mattress with functional and hygienic properties.
The ASTA top mattress is 10 cm thick. It consists of two main layers: wadding and 8 cm foam, which you can change to 8 cm HR foam (Extra Soft) and enjoy an extremely soft base. Polyurethane foam evaporates moisture well, adapts to the shape and weight of the human body.
The metal legs GAMMA will be a stable support for your bed and will be especially perfect in the modern interior of a bedroom or other living room.
The shape of these practical bed legs is reminiscent of cups: they are round, tapering, and widen at the base, giving the bed base a stable support. Aluminium glossy colour and stylish design are the most important aesthetic features of GAMMA legs for beds.
The height of these stylish metal legs is 12 cm.
Composition: 100% polyester, 420g/m2
Note! Depending on your monitor settings, the fabric colour on this page may differ from the actual fabric colour.
Detail information
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