About us

We have been taking care of your sleep since 1997.
The history of "Gemega" began more than 24 years ago. During this period, we have gained extremely valuable knowledge and experience, which we share today with other manufacturers, partners and, most importantly, our customers.

Our products

Many years of experience, accumulated knowledge, listening to customer feedback, application of the latest technologies and materials have helped to create the highest quality products we are proud of. From the establishment of the company to the present day, we can offer our customers a very wide range of bedroom furniture and their accessories. We currently produce standard and non-standard double-sided mattresses, mattresses on a wooden frame, top mattress, couches, single and double beds, beds with bedding box, continental beds, adjustable beds, ergonomic pillows, headboards, bedding boxes. 
Why it is worth to choose us?
  • Taking into account the changing needs of our customers, we annually improve our production technologies, select the best raw materials and fabrics, and develop new products.
  • By constantly improving, we strive to provide the company's customers only with the highest quality, certified products that do not have a harmful effect on the environment - thus promoting and contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • We are professionals in our field that you can always trust. We know our field down to the smallest detail, responsibly ensuring quality, efficiency and open communication with the buyer.

Our clients

"Gemega" products have already been loved by demanding residents of Lithuania, Scandinavia and other European countries who set strict requirements and appreciate naturalness and practicality. We do not doubt the quality of the products created in our company, so we hope that they will find a place in the home of each of you.

Our team

Qualified specialists working in the company will meet all your expectations. We have been specializing in the production of bedroom furniture and accessories for more than 20 years, so we are ready to provide professional advice, help you choose a product and answer any questions you may have. Every day we look for more effective ways to create a culture of opportunity, we accept challenges!
We wish you good rest and peaceful sleep!