The bed HILTON 2 is extremely comfortable, modern and strong, designed with every detail in mind.

This perfectly ergonomic, practical bed has a minimalist style, smooth shapes and will fit in both traditional and modern interiors. You can choose the bed fabric, the headboard, the leg pattern and choose the hardness of the main mattress. Thus, you will have bedroom furniture individually tailored to your taste.
The dimensions of the bed HILTON 2 can be chosen from the following standard sizes: 120x200 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm or 180x200 cm. The height of the bed without legs is 53 cm.
Quality sleep ensures an energetic day, and the quality sleep is ensured by the bed HILTON 2.

Technical information
Technical information
The headboard GALANT 2 is in a traditional rectangular shape, in a minimalist style, decorated with big uniformly sized squares.
The height of the head offered is 120 cm, and the width is subject to choosing from standard sizes. The headboard is attachable to the bed or wall, and screw-on legs can also be added to the set.
Top Mattresses
ASCOT is a functional top mattress with hygienic properties.
The double-sided ASCOT top mattress is 10 cm thick. It consists of two main layers: 4 cm CLIMA latex and 5 cm foam. Elastic CLIMA latex provides maximum comfort, softness and warmth to your body, while polyurethane foam improves air circulation.
Bed legs PLAZMA are slim but strong turned furniture legs 20 cm high.
The shape of these practical bed legs is reminiscent of tall, narrow cups: they are round, tapering, and widen at the base, giving the bed base a stable support. Aluminium glossy colour and stylish design are the most important aesthetic features of PLAZMA legs for beds. In addition, the considerable height of the legs allows you to make use of the space under the bed and facilitates the maintenance of the floor and carpet under it. These furniture legs can be attached to almost all bed models of your choice.
Bedding box
The bedding box GALANT 2 is a practical piece of furniture that will help you keep your home in order.
This bedding box GALANT 2 is in a traditional rectangular shape, in a minimalist style, with a soft top decorated with big uniformly sized squares, framed by elegant stripe. The mechanism for opening the bedding box is extremely simple: the top is easy to lift and is supported by hinges, so you can reach your items as soon as you need them. The bedding box GALANT 2 is available in three standard sizes (without legs): 122x45x45 cm, 142x45x45 cm or 162x45x45 cm. 
Composition: 100% polyester
Martindale test: >100 000 cycles
Note! Depending on your monitor settings, the fabric colour on this page may differ from the actual fabric colour.
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