The adjustable bed HILDA MULTI is a functional, strong bedroom furniture, thanks to which you will enjoy a high-quality rest.

The dimensions of the single bed HILDA MULTI can be chosen from the following standard sizes: 80x200 cm, 90x200 cm or 120x200 cm. You can also choose individually the fabric of the bed, headboard and the type of legs to be attached. The height of the bed without legs is 48 cm. Due to the high headboard and adjustable positions, a person can not only sleep comfortably in bed, but also sit comfortably.
The bed HILDA MULTI is designed to feel the real joy of a peaceful and quality sleep.

Technical information
Technical information
The soft headboard MILDA is an accent in the bedroom, providing cosiness that will appeal to people who love classic and modern classic interiors.
The headboard is available in all standard widths and the suggested height is 120 cm, thickness - 9 cm. The headboard can be attached to the bed or wall with special brackets. The headboard MILDA can also be equipped with screw on legs.
Top Mattresses

The double-sided top mattress MILDA MULTI is 8 cm thick. It consists of two main layers: 4 cm latex and 4 cm viscoelastic foam "Memory". The viscoelastic foam "Memory" is distinguished by the ability to respond to the heat of the human body and adapt to shapes.

Wooden legs POLO - the best choice for those who love naturalness and traditional solutions.
These sturdy wooden legs are cut special pyramid-shaped, and their shade depends on your preference: we can offer legs made of natural wood, natural oak or black. Match the color of the legs to the bed, other bedroom furniture, floor or, conversely, choose a contrasting and distinctive option.
The standard height of the POLO bed legs is: 15 cm.
Composition: 100% polyester
Martindale test: 95 000 cycles
Note! Depending on your monitor settings, the fabric colour on this page may differ from the actual fabric colour.
Detail information